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Equipment Finance


Equipment Financing Solutions available to clients may include loans, finance contracts and finance leases as well as operating leases and other structured financing solutions designed to afford off balance sheet accounting treatment. MCC studies each client's needs and, after review of the client's financial position and the assets to be financed, will provide the client with proposed financing solutions that will meet the client's needs. This may be a single solution or a variety of options. Then, based on consultation with the client, we will select the best solution and proceed to a final approval and funding. The decision may be made after a study of lease versus buy options on both a pre-tax and after-tax basis.

Equipment Financing Solutions may take the form of:

  • Operating Leases- Offering the Client Off Balance Sheet Accounting Treatment
  • Tax Lease Structures
  • Synthetic Lease Structures
  • Saw Tooth and other Variable Payment Options
  • First Amendment Leases
  • Finance Leases or Loans
  • Forward Commitments and Credit Lines for Future Needs


OtherAsset Financing Solutions


MCC acts as an advisor to our clients in regard to real estate funding. Solutions may include construction financing and/or forward commitments covering one project or a number of them. The size and scope of each financing will determine the ultimate form the financing takes and the best alternatives available to the client. MCC will study a variety of options and in conjuction with the client will prepare a financing package that will allow the client to best meet its current and long term needs. We willintroduce the client to the credit providers and will then assist the client in selecting thefunding sourcebest able to meet its needs. When the funding source approves the transaction MCC will, if requested by the client, further assist in making sure that all requirements for closing are met.

Mortgage Loans may be used for new construction, acquisition of properties or refinancing. In the case of restaurant or retail businesses, forward commitments for the development of multiple units may be available. Loan terms and rates vary depending upon the type of property financed and the credit of the client. Competitive rates and terms are available on loans ranging from $100,000 to over $20,000,000.

Sale Leaseback arrangements can be structured for retail and restaurant operators on a unit by unit or forward commitment basis. Typically a 20 to 25 year lease term is negotiated with options to renew. Client credit standing will influence the rates and terms available.

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